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Barton L. Schneyer M.D.

What is a Wellness Center?  A wellness center is a medical practice devoted to prevention of disease, maintenance of health, and promotion of a lifestyle that leads to a long and healthy life.
As a pulmonary and critical care specialist for nearly forty years, I have witnessed the ravages of unhealthy decisions.  Tobacco abuse is one of the most self destructive behaviors leading to so many tragedies. 

 Becoming a non-smoker with counselling and, if necessary, medication is a must to prevent serious lung, heart, and vascular disease, and a variety of malignancies.  Most Insurance is accepted for this treatment.

Sleeping poorly and not feeling refreshed after a night's sleep may indicate sleep apnea, which is also recognized as a risk factor for heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, and depression just to name a few.  Evaluating people who snore, gasp for air at night while sleeping or who are chronically sleepy, may lead to successful treatment of sleep apnea and prevention of serious health issues. Most Insurance is accepted for this treatment.

Anthony Giuffrida
Certified Personal Trainer
Gold Medalist Recipient From
United States Kuo Shu Federation 2016
Exercise with a personal trainer and nutritional counselling is also extremely important to lead a long, healthy, and productive life.  A personal exercise program will be tailored to your needs along with coaching and nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals.
Private sessions 30 minutes - $35
                         60 minutes - $60
Call for group session information, pricing and schedule 

Consider our office as your opportunity to be healthy, and let us work together to promote disease prevention.